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Our Mission


Certification of all stages of organic food production and delivery is the consumer’s guarantee of food purity and integrity. The Organic Food Industry is uniquely positioned to offer consumer health benefits as well as support for a sustainable environment in a world troubled by toxic overload and uncertainty in the value of food through industrialisation of farming. Our mission is to supply good healthy food to Sydney.

Below are links to our parent company Australian Organic Network and our boutique Australian organics brand Byron Bay Organics.

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Good Food - Know what you eat.

Our experience and longevity in the organic food industry is your guarantee that our range of certified organic produce will always meet the most stringent national quality standards. Our reputation rests on the quality of our food. 

Organics is healthy farming, for a healthy planet

We support local farmers who operate under certified organic farming standards. This traditional, non-industrial farming approach underpins the wider organic philosophy of having minimal impact on the land, and produces wholesome, nutritious, toxin free food, using a farming sytem based on natural cycles and ‘tried and true’ traditional agricultural techniques like crop rotation, mulching and the use of organic fertilizers, with respect for bio-diversity, We put nutritional value and the consumer’s right to be eating food that is free of toxins first.

Certification guarantees the food you eat is GMO free

Genetically modified organisms are a new phenomenon introduced by large multi-national agricultural interests, that cause many people concerns because of the lack of long term testing for possible unknown effects for consumers and the chain of life, and who know what other unknown health outcomes. The idea of artifically mixing genes from foreign sources brings an instinctive mistrust into the minds of consumers, who want to eat natural, wholesome food, without the complexities and meddling of gene technology. Certified organic food is guaranteed free of GMOs.

We celebrate and promote the organic life and believe that organic farming is vital to the future health of Australia and our planet.

We Love Our Work!

We are a dynamic but ethical Australian owned business with a mission to have a positive impact on the world by the work we do. We comprise a multi-cultural team of enthusiastic food and marketing specialists, and this harmonious diversity among our staff is a reflection of the cosmopolitan nature of contemporary Australian society, and the international influences on Sydney food culture. There is a growing recognition that good, toxin free food is fundamental to a healthy life and a healthy society, and that traditional farmers are vital to Australia’s future and food security. We value and look after our farmers and help them bring their nutritious products to a discerning and appreciative metropolitan organics retail market.

Good food - it’s a great business to be in.


Friendly, efficient customer support and attention to detail are hallmarks of our business. Sydney Organic Trading Company aims to be an efficient, easy-to-deal-with partner that understands your business and makes your life easier, by keeping impeccable quality standards in our produce, in our service and in our support.

Sydney Organic Trading Company

We are Sydney's new certified organic food specialists launching in July 2014, with the aim of being Sydney's premier organic food wholesaler. We are exclusive Sydney stockists of Australia's boutique certified organic food brand Byron Bay Organics. Our mission is to promote the organic life and make healthy organic food available to Australians while supporting organic farmers farm in the traditional way of our grandparents generation, for a sustainable planet - no toxins or artificial inputs, GMOs or hormones. Know what you eat - buy certified organic.

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Welcome to Sydney Organic Trading Company

We are Sydney's wholesale certified organic food suppliers and ingredients specialists. Call us now for our opening catalogue / price list! We are exclusive Sydney stockists of boutique certified organic food brand Byron Bay Organics. You'll be excited by our prices, product range and good old fashioned customer support. Register now for a wholesale account and receive our August opening catalogue with some great opening specials. 

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